Before you arrive

Is insurance included?

Yes. Cars have comprehensive and Third Party Property insurance which is included in your rental rate. The insurance excess and damage liability is dependent upon age of all drivers and starts at $2750 (subject to change without notice due to insurance policy changes). If you would like additional excess cover, please contact us by phone or email to discuss your options.

Note: We recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers cancellation of car hire bookings, and car rental excess and damage liability cover. Your credit card insurance may also offer these. It pays to be prepared!

What happens if I get delayed before getting the car?

Please keep us updated. We will decide if a fee is charged, depending on your situation. Be assured we have a reputation for being fair and considerate. We hope you are too.

Keep in mind when we hold your car in good faith, we can’t book it out to anyone else. So if you don’t take your pre-booked car, we lose at least a full day rental, hence fees may apply.

Note: To protect yourself against unexpected circumstances, it is worth taking out comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers cancellation of car hire bookings.

How old do I have to be to rent a car?

You must be over 21 and fully licensed, not on a probationary licence. Higher excess and damage liability applies as well as “young driver” surcharge. When you’re booking, please tell us if a driver is under 25.

Can I get a rental car at Cairns Airport?

Yes. By prior arrangement and notification of exact flight details, we will drop off the rental car to you or pick you up from the Cairns airport when you arrive, and arrange for your return to the airport for your departure

Do the cars all have GPS (navigation)?

No - but we can add one in for you. Please select a GPS when you book (for a low additional fee).

We need a car seat. Can you add one in?

Yes. Please select Baby Car Seat (for a low additional fee) when you book.

Will my price change if I change dates?

Generally if the number of days you rent the car will stay the same, you can expect your price to remain the same. For example:

Example: Same number of days booked

George books a rental for 8 days from 1 Jan - 7 Jan.He has to change the dates from 5 - Jan - 12 Jan.He has booked for 8 days on different dates. The rate is likely to stay the same.

Example: Different number of days booked

If instead of 8 days, he changes his booking to 4 days instead of 8 days, eg. from 5 Jan - 8 Jan the rate will change.


We offer discounts based on the number of days booked. If you change the number of days booked, the discounts may also change.

Is an overseas licence ok?

Yes. The licence needs to be in English - or translated into English. We need to be able to read your licence details.

If you are stopped by Queensland Police, they will also need to read your licence in English.

Please read about driving in Queensland on an interstate or overseas licence (Queensland Government website).

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

If you cancel early enough, you will not be charged. For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

Can more than one person drive the car?

Yes. We must have the details and copies of licenses for all drivers.

Are your rental prices the same for local and international customers?


Can you add a tow bar or roof rack to the car?


What do I need to show you when I pick up the car?

Licence (in English - or translated into English). We need to be able to read your licence.

If you are stopped by Queensland Police, they will also need to read your licence in English.

Can I get a rental car from Yorkeys Knob Marina or Cruise Ship Terminal?

Yes. We’ll drop off the rental car at the terminal when you arrive, and pick up your rental car from the terminal when you’re finished. It’s our pleasure to offer you this convenience: no other rental car company services the Yorkeys Knob cruise.

During your trip

What do I need to know about driving in Cairns?

1. There are 9 roundabouts in Northern Beaches. Each have 2 lanes. These roundabouts lead to busy beach suburbs. Many accidents happen on these roundabouts.

TIP: Drive slowly.

2. There are ‘black spots’ where accidents happen often. Landslides and accidents have occurred often along the Gillies Range. This highway leads to the Tablelands.

TIP: Please be careful along Gillies Highway. Plan your trip and check traffic conditions before you begin your drive.

3. We get many overseas tourists. Some drivers are not used to driving on the left side of the road with the steering wheel on the left side of the car. Other drivers may not be able to read road signs well. Keep in mind it’s often busy and drivers are in a hurry.

TIP: Drivers are unpredictable. Drive defensively - expect someone to make a mistake. Drive to speed limits (or lower).

4. During the rainy season, roads are as slippery as ice rinks. Diesel, petrol, and rain build up on the roads.

TIP: Slow down.

Summary: driving tips

  • Drive defensively

  • Slow down

  • Keep to speed limits

  • Slow down during the rainy season

  • Beware along Gillies Highway

  • Plan your trip and check traffic conditions

Road rules and road safety in Queensland

What is an unsealed road - and why can’t I drive on it?

An unsealed road is a road made of gravel or dirt. You’ll know if you’re on an unsealed road if:

  • You have to drive slower

  • The ride is bumpy

  • Rocks and dirt fly everywhere

  • You can’t get a firm grip on the road

  • It’s hard to keep control of the steering wheel

Potholes, flying rocks, dirt, and a bumpy drive can damage the rental car.

Please stay on main roads, sealed roads. These are made of paved asphalt / bitumen and concrete so will be more stable and give you a smoother drive.

Note: Your insurance will not cover you if you damage the car by driving on unsealed roads.

Check the online Queensland road map and traffic conditions for roadworks and unsealed roads.

What do I do if I get into an accident or there’s a problem with my car?

Call +61 417 760 740 immediately. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Can I bring pets or eat in the car?


Can I take my car on a ferry?


After your trip

Where do I return the car?

We will pick it up from you. Customers often ask us to pick up from the Cairns airport, Yorkeys Knob cruise carpark, and from their accommodation. We will also pick up from other locations. We will arrange it with you when you book.

Will I be charged any extra costs?

You will not be charged for any extra costs unless you:

  1. Drive over the speed limit

  2. Damage the car (or someone else damaged the car while you have it rented)

  3. Break the Terms and Conditions

How can I give you feedback about my experience?

Please contact us. We appreciate feedback on how we can improve our service. Every customer that gives us feedback helps us give the next customer a better experience.

If you have a problem or concern, please give us the opportunity to resolve it with you immediately.

Very friendly, efficient service and reasonable pricing. Airport/hotel pickup and drop-off was not only convenient, but meant we got to learn a little bit about the area from a local. ... Would absolutely use Gem again if I return to the Cairns region! - Leesa Ward

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